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SUV to pull my racecar

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    SUV to pull my racecar

    Hey guys
    I need an "inexpensive" (meaning, used) way of towing my race car to the track. The car is around 4,000lbs.
    No sedans can do that (they stop around 3,500lbs). That said, I have a very hard time getting into an SUV. If I could walk I would buy an old truck or SUV, and it's done. Unfortunately I can't do that.
    Are there SUVs, on the cheap, we can get?
    Any good sites you would suggest?
    Thought I would crowd source options.

    i get into a Jeep that has a 3 inch lift with 33 inch tires. i put a harbor freight winch in to pick my butt up into the drivers seat. give a pm and i can send you pics