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Traveling to Nashville Tennessee

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    Traveling to Nashville Tennessee

    Hi I’ll be in Nashville Tennessee July 9-12 I have never been but have family there but was wondering if there anything worth doing and best accessible things to do . Like I said I haven’t been and have no clue what I should definitely do

    It will be hot!

    See what art shows are at the Frist Museum, which is in the historical old Art Deco post-office building downtown. The building alone is worth a visit:

    Of course if you are a fan of country-western music, you have to visit the Grand Ole Opry (now at Opryland resort) and see the Ryman Auditorium downtown. There are tons of clubs and bars with music that are mostly accessible near Music Row and nearby streets. There is also the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    Creekwood Garden and Estates is a nice visit too, but as I said, it will be HOT!

    I hate to recommend a visit to the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson's estate) as he is, in my estimation, one of the worst Presidents we every had, but that is also an option (about 30 minutes outside Nashville).

    Good food...barbecue, fried catfish, hushpuppies, etc. If you have family there, they will know the good places to eat.

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      If you like cars, by all means go to the Lane Auto Museum. It has the most amazing and eclectic collection of cars with emphasis on European stuff that you never heard of (or imagined!). Give yourself all day to explore it. Most of Jeff's collection is made up of runners, not trailer queens. Check out his collection here:

      I knew Jeff Lane because we both raced the same cars (1275 FP Austin Healy Sprites and 142E ITB Volvos). When I got hurt in 95, I sold him my 4 cars which are among the more pedestrian stuff in his collection. Go to pg 3 of "collection" and the 3rd and 4th cars were mine. You can see my green TR8 Roadster next to the blue 67 Sprite. The 4th car, a 65 Lotus Super 7 is in there somewhere as well, but these are pedestrian compared to some of the incredible stuff he has!
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        I dont think its about accessibility because the city is pretty good

        Between the beauty of the state parks, all the great places to eat and the music history these is a lot of things to check out

        Some of the order bars on Broadway can be a little tight but we had great staff to bring us in alternative ways and clear spots for us to feel comfortable

        Like anyone I help do some searching YouTube on things to do..make a top 5 and let the rest jut happen!

        Enjoy post pictures or video when you return!

        Just an example of checking out things to do

        We dont really need to search out just wheelchair user videos...
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        Thanks everyone I’m goin through all your recommended places thanks for links it makes it so much easier. I’ll keep you updated


          Hi, will you have your own accessible transportation, or have made arrangements to rent a vehicle? This is only my opinion based on my recent experience. Nashville was my first post-vax trip. Originally my gf and I were going to fly to Nashville, and I was going to rent an accessible van. Then another couple asked to join, but preferred to drive, so we planned on driving my van. Three days prior, the couple cancelled. My gf didn't feel comfortable driving the 12 hours, so we decided to fly. By that time all van rentals were booked. Getting from the airport to hotel was not much of an issue, as there is an express bus. However, the bus system in Nashville is limited, although it is accessible. Accessible taxis are even more rare. For example, I tried to make advance reservations, and was told by the dispatcher that they don't operate the accessible taxis on weekends. So we had to rely solely on what we could get to, or near, by bus, and then doing a lot of walking/rolling. There were things on our list that we just couldn't do. When we were there, due to restrictions, the hop on/off tours weren't operating, otherwise they might have been an option. The day our flight was scheduled to depart, severe thunderstorms were predicted, so the bus was not a safe option (ended up there were tornados in the area). Thankfully the hotel worked their magic and secured an accessible taxi back to the hotel. Despite the transportation issue, we had a nice time! Hope you do as well. (And yes, waiting for an hour in line at Biscuit Love, whille touristy, IMO, was definitely worth it.


            I think restrictions right now are every where dont hotels, call place you want to visit ask how they are handing the public, check hours etc

            Didn't have issues with the bus system and all cities are terrible for wheelchair cabs

            Most require scheduling in advance

            The following companies offer adapted wheelchair taxis and are authorized to make pick-ups within the City of Nashville:

            Checker Cab
            +1 (615) 256-7000

            Music City Taxi
            +1 (615) 865-4100

            Volunteer Taxi Cab
            +1 (615) 423-3118

            Yellow Cab Nashville
            +1 (615) 256-0101

            If you get a driver ask for his or her number most are ok with texting for pick ups!

            Also best advice get approved for dial a ride in your home city then use the vacation city dial a ride as a visitor

            Just check with the visiting city on booking policies and hours they run

            in this case $3.70 a ride and you gf/bf/ spouse could ride free just have them listed as your PCA


            Visitor Paratransit Service

            Paratransit service may be provided to ADA certified eligible persons who are not currently certified within the Davidson County area. All visitors are required to provide a minimum amount of information to Access to determine eligibility to utilize paratransit service. Visitors must provide the following:
            • An ADA eligibility card or letter from another region.
            • Proof of address and documentation of a transportation disability (if not readily apparent).
            • The complete address of where residing while visiting in Davidson County.

            Visitors are requested to complete an ADA Registration Form.

            Visitors are eligible for service for any combination of 21 days during any 365-day period beginning with the visitor's first use of service. Visitors returning to the region whose visitor eligibility has expired must reapply for visitor eligibility. Those planning to return to the region within a year, frequently visit the region, or stay in the region over 21 days are encouraged to submit an application for Access paratransit service.