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C5 Quad - Getting a driver's license in British Columbia, Canada

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    C5 Quad - Getting a driver's license in British Columbia, Canada

    I'm a 28 years old C5 complete quad, moving to Canada from India, in a few months. I've made a few others posts on this forum seeking help on a wide variety of topics. Planning to make major life changes, to be more independent and "live my life", as opposed to hiding in a room and working for 12+ hrs a day on a laptop. Things like colostomy, SmartDrive MX2+, driving on my own (van/MXV), getting my ZRA aligned for optimal seating, are few things not possible to be done in India so I'm waiting eagerly to pursue these things in Canada, upon arrival.

    I used to drive stick since I was 13, and till the point I got injured at 17. Was pretty good at it as well, and realized that I'm a gear head (still am, cars fascinate me). I read that in Canada you get your learner's licence for 1 year, and have to drive only when accompanied by someone holding a valid license by your side. After 1 year, you can take the test and get a permanent license. So my questions are:
    1. Who do I contact for the exact process in BC, CANADA? Can't find anything on ICBC
    2. Is there a way to reduce learner's license time from 1 year? seems a bit long
    3. How long does it usually take to get the learner's license?
    4. Can I buy / rent a wheelchair accessible van while holding a learner's licence?
    Keep pushing!