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Anyone doing videography from a wheelchair?

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    Anyone doing videography from a wheelchair?

    Lately I've been watching a bunch of videos online of people who basically just carry a camera around on a walk for an hour or two, no talking, no narration, just nice 4k video of the sights and sounds of the city/town/forest/beach, etc. It makes something interesting to have in the background on my TV while I'm working from home on my computer. Kind of like a window, but it can be daytime through the window even if I'm working at 4 in the morning.

    I was wondering if this was something I could do from a wheelchair. I was thinking maybe a gimbal mounted to the front frame of my chair with a 4k camera, but I'm not sure how well it would turn out. If I had a freewheel the chair ought to be pretty quiet, though it might look weird to have the constant acceleration/deceleration of a natural wheelchair push.

    Any thoughts on this? Anyone shooting video from a camera mounted on your wheelchair? I'd love to see some examples.

    In addition to being an architect, I do all of the photography/videography for all of our new projects after construction (for marketing, etc.). Here is an example (was shot at 1080p):

    Once you get past the drone footage around 55 seconds in, everything on the interior of the building was shot with a mirrorless camera (Sony A7iii) from my chair. My setup for that video was a wood cutting board (pretty thick/sturdy) in my lap, which I strap down to the chair frame so it doesn't move around. I had a tripod with the legs in the shortest position (camera about where my head is) sitting on and strapped to the board. I used a fluid video tripod head to manually pan around. I use my smartdrive at 10% speed and try to be as smooth as I can. I usually have to add more stabilization in post as well.

    My current setup is similar but I now use a Zhiyun Weebill S gimball to do the panning while adding stabilization. I also shoot everything on the A7iii in 4k now that I have a drone that will also shoot 4k. If you wanted to simplify it even more, you can just shoot everything with a drone if your outdoors. Saves a lot of time setting up in comparison. Here's another project I did that was all done with a drone:

    Hope that helps.
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      Good looking stuff there. I thought about using a smartdrive to eliminate the awkwardness of pushing. One of my goals for 2021 is to get a smartdrive and hopefully to have insurance pay for some of it.


        Have you seen the drones that follow you?