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Recreation/swimming during COVID? How?

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    Recreation/swimming during COVID? How?

    This has been such a hard summer. My husband (T6 para) has not been able to swim at all. In fact it has been nearly a year. And he needs it! It's the only way his whole body gets a workout. Has anyone found a way to swim during the COVID closures? All our area parks and rec pools are closed.
    I called the Disability Sports group for the state and asked about accessible swimming in lakes or rivers - they said push him down a boat ramp! I'm sorry but I'm NOT doing that. Those things are cement! He will get hurt.
    I am just venting but why is it so hard for parks and lakes to provide a beach/water wheelchair?? Surely someone somewhere could have something like that. Just some way for him to enter and exit the water. Once he's in the water he's fine, he's a great swimmer - as long as the water isn't too shallow, because he would scrape his legs.

    Or maybe people have found other recreation options that he could try during all this isolation.

    thanks for any suggestions....
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