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Pillow for sitting up in bed

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  • Pillow for sitting up in bed

    Getting ready to go on our annual vacation (providing they don't close things down before we get there) Normally we rent an electric hospital bed frame and lift. The company we normally rent from is not renting equipment due to COVID. Any suggestions for a pillow, wedge, faux chair type thing, for sitting up in a regular bed?

    At home I use a hospital bed and eat breakfast then do BP from bed. I will need to be able to sit up for eating.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas !

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    You could try something like this. I have looked for something like this in the past and never found anything inflatable this inexpensive. Could be tempting to buy 2 and use sticky back Velcro to stick them together to get a very high angle.


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      Do a search for "bed reading pillows" and you will find many options. Some are even inflatable, which would make it easier to carry with you for travel. Here is an example:

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        Thanks for the ideas. Never thought of inflatables!!