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Thought I would try my hand at poetry

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    Thought I would try my hand at poetry

    I'd like to say that the lockdown has given me a chance to do the things I don't normally do. However, I'm not really learn anything different than I would normally do in normal times. However, I have developed an interest in writing and thought I would write a poem about my accident.

    Laying on my back staring up at the sky
    Thinking of life and times gone by

    Should I go that way or should I go there
    Making the wrong decision will end in despair

    Somebody suggested we should go for a swim
    That would end up with me being close to the rim

    There I was floating face down
    Knowing full well I was going to drown

    God it looks like I'm gonna die
    I haven't had a chance to say goodbye

    A man called Barry arrived with his wife
    They sprung into action and saved my life

    They drove at 80 using their blues and twos
    Who would want to be in my shoes

    Doc sat down for a sensitive talk
    It's highly unlikely you will ever walk

    I took my prognosis remarkably well
    Unfortunately for others it was tantamount to hell

    Thanks to my angels I'm lucky I survived
    But the price I now pay is being paralysed

    My legs don't work my fingers too
    I even have help to go for a poo

    I keep telling myself to stop being silly
    It's not as if these girls have never seen a willy

    I stare in the mirror and think to myself
    Girls won't fancy me I'll be left on the shelf

    I fell in love with a stunner with red hair
    Who must remain nameless so we'll just call her Claire

    Claire was a nurse that I utterly adored
    I couldn't take my eyes off her when she walked in the ward

    There's only one thing that stood in my way
    Claire had got married the previous May

    It's been 34 years since that fateful day
    My hair is disappearing and my beards gone grey

    Life ain't that bad I can even drive
    Maybe I should thank God for still being alive

    Very nice.
    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it." - Edgar Allen Poe

    "If you only know your side of an issue, you know nothing." -John Stuart Mill, On Liberty


      I agree with Oddity- it's well worth the read.


        Thanks guys, I appreciate the response.


          Words from the heart.


            Please keep doing this!
            69yo male T12 complete since 1995
            NW NJ


              Don't worry, not every poem will be about my accident or injury, that will get depressing. This is just a different take on it.

              Who would have thought a walk in May
              Would end in my independence being taken away
              But it did happen and there's nothing I could do
              I'd always been accident prone so this was long overdue
              I lay in the cold water floating face down
              Accepting my fate and waiting to drown
              So here's goodbye to my family and friends
              This is where 16 years of life come to an end
              If God exists then he's pretty cool
              My life was not meant to end in that pool
              As I lay there in bed contemplating my fate
              I watched all my life's dreams evaporate
              Everything I'd hoped for went up in smoke
              If only the whole thing was a practical joke
              I'm still alive despite all I've been through
              I could have died many times over, it's true
              My body is getting older and starting to fail
              I'd exchange what I've got for 20 years in jail
              You may think that's a strange thing to say
              But try living my life for just one day
              Moaning and moping gets me nowhere
              So I thank God for my life and say a prayer