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Any tetraplegic's go fishing?

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  • Any tetraplegic's go fishing?

    The warm weather is just around the corner and my fishing rods will be coming out, I can hardly wait. My main quarry are carp. I visit a small lake about 5 miles away around three times a week in the summer time. I do live by the sea so sometimes go see fishing boat you are restricted by the tides so I prefer freshwater fishing because you could literally go there all day.

    I will try and post some photos of carp I catch this year, maybe some of you could do the same.

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    hey i love fishing got back into it last year cant wait. will try post some too


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      For the fresh-water-fishing para and tetra/quad wheelers in the USA who order a wheelchair part (TiLite, Ki Mobility, ActiveAid, E&J/Graham Field) from here from now till April 26, 2019, you will also be sent a Heddon brand top water fishing lure — a lure the exact type of which you are 99.9% likely not to find in your local bait shop.
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        Freind modified his pontoon boat a little so my chair could get threw the door.
        So we go perch fishing at EREAU Bay on the Canadian side of Lake ERIE.
        On one trip while fishing for perch with minnows and a ultra light rod i hooked this spotted gar.
        It was 39 in long and a lot of fun on lite tackle.
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