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Flying with Twion Wheels

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    It was the axle or I assume you call the camber tube. I have no idea how it happened and didn't collapse while waiting during layover. We have traveled dozens of times without issues. We will travel again this Sunday. We fly out of small airport in Omaha so may be a small plane. Still going to ask if we remove the wheels if we can store them on the plane in the cabinet. I'll explain the last flight we were on they broke and see if that helps. Don't hesitate to travel. We have been very fortunate and this last issue they worked very hard to accommodate us. We also learned to attach a laminated sheet to the seat under the seat pad that says Please not to try to "break down" this chair or take apart, this is the users only means of getting around. And that there are special tools required and they will strip our screws. We take a large tote bag and I strip down what I can: controller, seat pad, arm rests and I take colored duct tape to the cord to attach it so doesn't get caught where doesn't belong.