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Fishing Rod Holder for Power Wheelchairs

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  • Fishing Rod Holder for Power Wheelchairs

    I'm traveling in Australia and just discovered a cool fishing rod that hooks to the power wheelchair and it really works. I've been fishing with the inventor Robert Agius who is the quad like me a few times and the rod holder works slick. He caught a 20 pound Golden Trevelliy from the pier just before my arrival. He said it was an incredible fight and I wish I would've been here to see although I have seen pictures. I've attached a few pictures of Robert and his fishing rod holder so if others are interested in looking into it they can contact him directly. He even has free shipping to America and Canada. The Website at The base stand has been evolved to be used as a camera stand also. I have no business relationship with Robert but this is the type of equipment that gets us back doing activities that we lost went we got hurt so it great to pass on the word about it. Aloha Bruce
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    Thanks Bruce! I like that they have a package that allows you to get both the fishing piece and the camera mount.


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