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    Check out the YouTube channel of Amanda Bess, today she posted her summit of Mt Katahdin titled "summit day appalachian trail 2018". Her boyfriend Keith hiked with her the last day and proposed at the top. She cried kvetched and had panic attacks over 2190 miles across the gnarly tops of the appalachian ridges for 6 months. I have watched her through knee deep snow, 60 mile an hour winds, incessant rains, etc. 2190 miles. For me the trail has been a metaphor for life with sci, as they say on the trail, " no pain, no rain, no Maine".

    The most unexpected result of my trail addiction is that the Crawford family also finished the trail. A family of 8 carrying a 2 year old in a backpack. See the YouTube channel Fight for together and check out their Summit - "we made it". Baxter State Park has strict rules, the family was not allowed to summit and had to stop at the tree line. Friends made them a summit sign and some young hikers trail named "the degenerates" celebrated with them.

    I'm waiting to see probation termination's summit. This retired probation officer fractured his ankle during the thru hike but quickly rehabbed and returned to finish. He is one tough old bird.


      Originally posted by trekker6 View Post
      I decided I'm going hiking, going to do day hikes of 1 to 2 miles maybe from the mount rogers parking lot, maybe try it for a few weeks or maybe one day, who knows, I have to try though.
      Mt Rogers was my favorite place to hike when I was single.