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Quad friendly hotels in either Toronto or Montr?al (Romantic getaway, hopefully!)

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    Quad friendly hotels in either Toronto or Montr?al (Romantic getaway, hopefully!)

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm planning a trip to either Toronto or Montr?al in the near future (within next month) and was wondering if anyone had tips on quad friendly hotels and also activities in these cities. I live in Southwestern CT and both these cities are within a 5 to 8 hour drive from me. The trip I'm planning is to meet with a young Brazilian woman I met last summer when she worked for me as a CNA for a few days. We hit it off right away and quickly developed romantic feelings for each other but unfortunately, she had to go back to Brazil a few weeks after we met. When she tried to return to the US last November, she was immediately deported back to Brazil and a 5 year suspension put on her tourist visa as DHS had found out she worked during her last visit. Heartbreaking to say the least for both of us.

    We are planning this trip to hopefully pick up where we left off, a sort of romantic getaway. Which city would you all recommend for that type of trip? I did look up some posts on this website but most were a few years old so I'm hoping to get more current info. Hotels with roll in showers would be ideal but not a requirement. Neither of us drive so accessible public transportation is a big plus, buses, subways etc. Any info on clubs, restaurants or other romantic getaway type stuff is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
    Daniel G.

    Hi Quadzilla. I live in TO. Feel free to bounce any questions off me.

    All of your large chain hotels have ADA (or close) rooms. If the timeline allows - I would say schedule your Toronto or Montreal trip for spring or summer.

    Our Queens Quay / Harbourfront is a great spot. Lots to do and restaurants. (again best in nice weather) Westin hotel and Radisson on Queens Quay are nice choices.