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  • Accessible taxi in Atlanta

    Renting vs using taxi..Going to visit family in July, they live up in Woodstock. Rental of a van will be approx $700 for 4 1/2-5 days. Besides the ride to from the airport, I will only be going back/forth between parents house and sisters house which would be cheaper to just pay the ride fare than the daily rental fee. Does anyone know of rentals in Atlanta that are reasonable. I looked at one so far, $125 day but its $150 for them just to deliver the van to the airport.
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    A quick Google search showed these resources:

    For public transportation (MARTA light rail and buses):

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      I dont think any of those links are going to be helpful...

      If your looking for cost effective one of the links is a limo airport service only.

      The other doesn't service Woodstock and the 3rd light rail doesn't come close its 20 miles the other direction.

      Try these guys:

      Never used them but when you travel to smaller towns your options maybe very limited.

      North West Metro Atlanta BranchCounty Coverage - Cherokee | Cobb | North Fulton | Paulding | DouglasWoodstock Ga
      Phone: (678) 741-2283

      If you use dial a ride in your home city you can use it in cities you travel to as a visitor. Just need to send your paper work to that city then find out how they book, cost and hours of service.

      We have used this way in LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, Orlando, Miami, DC etc.

      A hack on renting a wc van is set up your arrival and departure to match business hours of the rental company then take a wc cab, shuttle or bus to pick up and drop off the van.

      Wheelchair rental companies hate it as its simple revenue to them.

      If there no wc cabs have the people your traveling with take a cab get the van then come back to the airport and pick you up. Then on the return drop you off at the airport and take the van back and take a cab and or uber lyft back to the airport