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  • Brisbane to Cairns

    I have an incredible opportunity to do a road trip for approx 2 weeks from Brisbane to Cairns next winter so I'm looking to others who have done this stretch of Queensland or live in the area for accessible activities and vistas. We have a good friend joining us on this road trip which will help a lot as he is a strong can-do Aussie. I just started poking around the internet looking this week and found a few things like the sky tram and scenic train outside of Cairns but I'm sure there are a lot more. Amy and I will be basing ourselves for most of our stay out of Hervey Bay where we have stayed before visiting family. Thank you for your help and insight. Aloha Bruce

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    I can't help but it sounds like a trip of the lifetime


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      I would just fly from Brisbane to Cairns and bypass the rest The only way i would do a roadtrip here if i was taking an accessible caravan with me to crash in.

      One thing you will have to be aware is that even though we have accessibility guide lines they are not enforced and a lot of places don't follow them, so it won't be as good here as it is over there. For example a lot of shops outside malls only have steps or if a motel/ hotel has a step to get into the bathroom they think putting a steep little ramp in makes it accessible. So try and get pictures of your room and bathroom before booking, as many times i have come stuck by taking their word that the room is completely accessible.

      Hervey Bay is popular for people to retire in so it's one of the better towns from what i heard from friends in regards to access and has a good fishing jetty.

      Cairns is also one of the better ones for access as it's mostly a tourist town so it has invested to make things more accessible, i have only been there once but they had a number of things to do but they are pretty spread out so having your own transport is a huge advantage. Your could go bundgee jumping if you have a manual chair, think the group that does scuba diving on the barrier reef is up there, sky diving might be a option (unsure), forest walk were very steep but had concreted paths but here is a link that might help