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    Any advice on how to manage the 14 hour flight to avoid any pressure sore issues. The longest flight I've been on previously was around 6 hours, so this is a whole new ballgame. For high level quads, how have you managed to do weight shifts?

    Also, do you suggest I wear some kind of compression socks?
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      Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
      No, JAL (Japan Airlines) and AA (American Airlines) are different companies, although they do some code sharing flights. I flew JAL when I went to Japan.

      So I booked my flight through AA today for the flight operating on JAL from JFK-HND on 09/24/17, returning 10/02/17 (I have 24 hrs to cancel). When booking through AA I was not able to request a seat assignment. As I'm a nervous ninny, I thought I'd call JAL and share my need for disability services, and inquire about seat assignment. Many puzzling questions later, I was transferred to an AA agent, who seemed similarly inexperienced in handling disability needs. She said in her system that one of the locations does not have a jetway to board the plane, and would have to go up stairs. She thought it was at JFK. I can't imagine, but again, she didn't seem sure herself. She said I may want to call back during the week, but then said only call if I don't hear from AA within 72 hrs of the flight!? I would sure hope to know if there might be any issues more then 72 hrs before the flight (like while I can still cancel it). I explained my needs, and my chair/battery situation. I requested that I be able to gate-check my chair, but she seemed confused, saying my chair needed to be checked. (Yes, I realize, but when I tried to confirm that I'd be able to gate check, she only repeated herself). If this doesn't turn out to be a big cluster -, I'll be relieved.