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Travel to Cuba. Anybody been recently?

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    Travel to Cuba. Anybody been recently?

    So my AB friend mentioned going to Cuba a few months ago. I know our friends. Nobody is gonna go, but I always wanted to go to Cuba. I was about 3-4 months shy of flying from Mexico to Cuba under the radar in the mid 2000s when it was highly sketchy/illegal for US citizens when I had my injury.

    Pretty sure I'm well up for the challenge. I google searched CC and didn't find much useful information. Surely some adventurous/foolhardy Canadians or Europeans on here have wheeled their way around the island recently, right?

    I don't think I'm overestimating my abilities. I'm well up for whatever. I'll buy a Jay protector (probably need one of them anyway) and bump ass up and down airplane aisles, stairs and nonworking escalators. My friend can lug me up the curb corners that are too high and I'm not above crawling or asking a friendly looking local for help when needed. I'm T8 in a skinny manual chair (something like 21 inches wide total at the moment).

    I'm probably being a dumbass, but I can't see a catastrophic outcome here. I like to think I have a pretty solid constitution when it comes to adversity, and even the hard stuff you voluntarily undertake tends to be rewarding in retrospect, if not at the moment. At worst I figure to get an entertaining story about how I embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of highly amused Cubanos and spent the rest of my trip sipping daquiris in an overpriced but sketchy hotel because the city was impossibly inaccessible.

    Like seriously... what could go wrong?

    As paralyzed cats, we're a bunch of resourceful, inginuitive mofos who know how to laugh at ourselves. I gather Cubans tend to have similar traits if for different historical reasons. Plus I just got a new passport, how awesome would it be to have a Cuban stamp on the first page as an American before Trump gets bored with his domestic problems and turns his bullying elsewhere.

    The only people I know who have been to Cuba recently are AB, so can't help you personally, but a quick Google search showed these resources/information:

    Definitely write a report here when you return from your trip!

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      Go! Don't let no one stop you!


      Don't let no one stop you!

      Tackle the problems and challenges as they come. Then fill us in one what you did and what you saw!

      If you have all the proper paperwork and Visa, go!

      I'd like to go to Cuba myself. A country that has been closed off for more than 50 years it would be walking back into the 50's.

      Rick Steves did a Youtube video of Cuba.

      Another movie to watch that was filmed in Cuba before the revolution is Our Man in Havana. Check your local library for this title. Just looking at the background is fascinating and all the vintage automobiles.

      Take some tools, extra tire and tube just in case you have problems. I did while I was in China and I was glad I had the tools and spare tube with me.

      Go man!

      "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."


        A buddy of mine went there a year ago or so, heres his Facebook page Might want to friend him and shoot him a private message and ask what issues he ran into, as I remember in talking with him the trip went fairly smoothly.
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          My local paper just published a story on travel to Cuba. Accessibility will be a struggle every day but if you go into the trip knowing that and are good at winging it you'll have a great time! My AB daughter traveled there (Havannah and Santa Clara) for two weeks and loved it.

          Link for full story:

          Link for tips:


            I have a friend who is para and spending harsh Canadian winters in Havana.
            He is staying privately and going to local Rehab clinic (La Pradera) and pay for his physio there.
            He is right now in Havana and I can connect you with him.
            I went only to some resort in Cayo Coco for 7 days and had a good time.
            You can see my post about that trip here.

            I think it was easier for Canadians than for US citizens to visit Cuba.
            I don't know about traveling restrictions or visa's for US citizens now.

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              Loved the article in New Mobility about SCI fellows who traveled to Cuba! Nice photos. Heartbreaking one showing a man in a horrible old wheelchair, talking to one of the visitors. I believe the article said they filmed this visit and don't know what the plans are from that.
              Closest I will ever get to a visit was the Cuban section in Florida, where we ate Cuban Sandwiches.