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Flying in a private plane

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    Flying in a private plane

    Has anyone ever flown in a private plane?

    The one where the door flips down and use the stairs to get in. I am wondering how you would be able to transfer into that sort of a plane?
    C5 as of 6-13- 2010

    At your level, you would probably have to be carried onto the plane. Some can do a transfer but they have to be very strong in their arms. Easiest with a low wing rather than a high wing plane. See here:

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      My Dad was carried in on a stretcher.


        Depending on the size of the plane it may have two pilots. Let them know in advance and I'm sure they will help you in and out.


          There is a wheel chair pilots association of America. I dont have the URL for it right now, but here is a close link

          The controls in planes can be adapted so that you can use additional levels on the control colum to operate the rudder.

          The FAA is very helpful to assist people with disabilities to get clearance to fly if they wish to become pilots.

          There are many commercial pilots with limb impairments. Look up Douglas Bader-

          There is also gliding and access in the glider is lower and probably easier. This is an exhiliarating and low cost way of flying.