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    I'm wondering what experiences there have been with accessibility at New York's Penn Station. I have heard from friends who do not use chairs that it can be overwhelming, partly because when departing you have to hustle to find, then get to the proper track. I'd be coming from Philadelphia.

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    I think Amtrak in general is pretty amazing!

    We took it from DC to NYC so Penn Station is under Madison Square Garden!

    But NYC in itself is sure volume so everything is bigger, moves faster and a bit intense.

    The trains we rode in very nice, comfortable and even have a wheelchair restroom.

    When you board they bring up a metal ramp and do good at making sure your comfortable.

    When you arrive in Penn Station they will also deboard you then just follow the signs to street level.

    Best advice ask a local where and how to get around the station.

    Happy Travels.

    Dont forget New York's 311 service!