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    flew delta to Columbus oh and going in not bad but always have to tell them back me in or lift feet up don/t tiltl me forward

    so deplaning they scrub my but after I had ask them not to I am not heavy. then they fasten me in but I lose my balance fall sideway in a chair

    get straighten back up scarey departure then they get ready to pu me up and put me in my chair they drop me on floor scarey me to death my legs crooked at angle but not bad

    the get me up immediately start telling me that I did I was at fault no brising no heat but they acted like I caused said I unlatched straps and tried to gewt in my chair

    I am fine but I was mad I am a quad it got worse sunday on return the guy tried to tell my son when he was getting me out of cat chair needs to be closer

    and started to move I told hoim leave it a lone then we are going down slope in airport he is telling me I need a seatbelt it got almost ugly fast

    14 plus years never been dropped till now I was really lucky

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    We usually fly Southwest and they are good but I always speak up and give them lots of direction. My wife is there with me and also instructs them. I tell them I have no balance and don't let go of me but I find the worst part of the 2 man lift they use to get me in the isle chair is the chair is so light and small that it often moves and tips during the transfer.

    One time departing from Chicago at Midway airport the said they wanted to try this new sling they had. It was a mesh sling like you would use on a Hoyer lift with handles sewn into it for them to grab on to. I told them I am 6'3" and around 200lbs but they said no problem we have used this on bigger guys than you.

    They get the sling all tucked under me, grab the handles and count 1,2,3 then lift. After they take a few steps they start to lose me and gently set me on the floor lol... Now they had to get more people to dead lift me from the floor into the isle chair, thank God I wasn't hurt and I never saw the sling again..

    Just a foot note, One of my best friends works for National Seating and Mobility in California and several years ago they sent him around to several airlines at several airports to train the staff on how to move and lift people correctly as well as how to care for our chairs.


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      i fly by myself i told them but the brake i think was not set good on isle chair i told the not to try down hill but i am ok but just mad

      they said my fault that i unhook straps and tried to move on my own lol i am a handy quad but not stupid


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        Life would be so much easier if they just allowed us on in our chairs. Make a few seats removable with tie-down systems - Viola! No need for staff to lift. No need for isle chair / transfer and no damaged wheelchairs.


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          I would want to be in my chair and fly landing and trying to stay in your chair would be a nightmare.

          The trick to air travel is to get there a little early so you and the ground crew are not rushed.

          Ask to have a ramp supervisor come up before the plane boards and explain your chair and how its to be loaded, free wheeled etc. each chair is different and it really helps them as they are penalized if the plane doesnt leave the gate on time.

          Then ask for the Opps Agent and let them know how you want to board. I roll my powerchair all the way in to the plane. My Wife helps me transfer then she rolls it back out to the Ramp Supervisor who now knows how to load it.

          On long trips 3+ hours we sit in the 2nd row because it has trays for drinks and if your bring food to eat. So we use an isle chair then.

          But your the expert so if you dont speak up on the best way to move, lift or roll you they might make assumptions.

          I explain I have bad balance and once seated on the isle chair I cant really move so I need to be backed in and they need to hold my head if the isle chair doesn't give next support.

          Never had issue and they have always been extra careful and helpful and they appreciate the direction on boarding me and my chairs.

          Then talk to th


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            Delta in Atlanta is not optimal and I live there. Now that SW is in town just fly with them. Never had an issue with SW.
            C5-6 - 22 years


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              Then ask for the Opps Agent and let them know how you want to board. I roll my powerchair all the way in to the plane. My Wife helps me transfer then she rolls it back out to the Ramp Supervisor who now knows how to load it.

              How are you able to take your powerchair all the way in to the plane? Isn't it to wide for the aisle? Do you push it or use power?


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                With Southwest the older planes it can roll in and turn about 70 degrees, we pull up the left armrest and my Wife transfers me in to the seats to the left. Then backs the chair out so the ground crew can take it down and load.

                The newer planes are much wider and can turn a full 90 degrees so I am able to have a little more room to get out.

                On longer flights because we sit in the 2nd row its to far to transfer so we use an isle chair.



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                  We are flying American Airlines because it was a direct flight. We have seats 25D and 25E. Anyone fly AA before? How was your experience?


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                    Check your messages sorry was on vacation...

                    Did you tell them your needs and that your in a chair?