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    I'm so glad to hear that your trip went great. I agree, I think it would be easier for your son to stay in a hotel on the strip. They all offer accessible rooms (although, I'd call before reserving to make sure) and they also supply hoyer lifts. Just need to bring your own net. Also getting a room in a hotel that's on the strip would eliminate so much running around bringing people back & forth to the strip.

    Happy to hear that Sundance was willing to help you guys. I went with Maverick and they didn't help at all. My dad was all alone to lift me and place me in the helicopters. We did it but it was very hard for my dad. If I ever go again, I'll definitely choose to go with Sundance.

    Happy that your experience with Wheelchair Getaways was great. Would you mind disclosing how much it cost you to use their van while you were there? I read rates vary between $80-$145 per day. If so, that's another reason why staying on the strip is beneficial. You don't need to spend all that money because you can just walk wherever you wish to go. And if you do need to go somewhere then just call a taxi. There are nearly 70 wheelchair accessible vans in Vegas, so they are very easy to get.


      You're all absolutely right, staying on the strip next time. Now that we've been there, and did the driving to the sights, it would make more sense to stay on strip. We were 2 families travelling together, so a house was more inviting. Both have its pros and cons, for sure. Just to be sure you understand, Sundance 'offered' to help but we were able to use our own muscle power for transfer. And wheelchair getaways, charged $110/day with 100 mi. free daily, I think, you'd have to check their web.