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Travelling to Hong Kong. Looking for Hotel and Activity recommendations

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    Travelling to Hong Kong. Looking for Hotel and Activity recommendations

    Hi everyone. Taking my first International trip. Pretty exciting and a bit scary. I'll be travelling with a Hong Kong native which will be a huge plus.

    If anyone has been in the last few years or so, I would love to hear your thoughts and tips about the long flight, hotels that are manual folding wheelchair friendly, and fun attractions that are accessible.

    I have a plan to deal with needing to urinate on the long flight, and to keep dry in case my bladder and the high altitude do not play nice together.

    I'd like to keep the per day cost in the 100 - 150 range. I've read a lot of older posts here and from apparelyzed trying to find some insights. I have a few options I'm looking at but was hoping someone here with personal experience could help out with suggestions of places that have wide enough guest room and bathroom doorway entries.

    Wow. The streets of Hong Kong sure can get crowded. I'm planning to visit the Space Center and some other touristy places. Probably jump on a bus and just sight see from the bus as it rides around the island. My partner has mentioned some places to avoid due to the sidewalks being hard to navigate on foot, let alone a chair.

    Hope to hear from some of you. Will be traveling in January but looking to book flights this evening and hotels ASAP.


    This was really cool-


      Hi Jim. Yes, that looks like it would be pretty sweet. I noticed there is a video on that page but I decided not to view it so that the event will be a surprise. I'll definitely be checking this one out. Thanks!


        Been doing more research and wanted to share here in case anyone else stumbles upon this later.

        I contacted Easy Access Travel (EAT), a subsidiary of Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, regarding hotels and they replied with a link and an email attachment.

        Here's a link to their website:

        Here's the link they emailed me, which takes you to a site with tons of info about accessible travel in HK:

        If you click on the hotels link on the above website, it displays a pretty good selection of places and comments about accessibility specific to each hotel.

        I'll add their email attachment to this post as well.
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          This video is pretty good.


            We have been to HK twice in the last five years. We stayed at the Salisbury YMCA both times. Not your normal YMCA. Fantastic location, right beside one of the most expensive hotels at a fraction of the price. Highly recommended place on many travel sites. Newly remodeled, would stay again without hesitation. Easy access to the metro lines


              I was in HK a couple years ago, and we stayed at the Gold Coast Hotel. It has a small beach area, restaurants, and the rooms are fairly nice and roomy - bathrooms for wheelchair access are large.