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    Guys, going to LV Xmas eve and although we're only there for 5 nights we'd like to do the GC helicopter ride - so if there are any companies that deal better than others with WC users please let me know? Also, been struggling to find any sporting events on over that period.....any ideas? Thanks👍

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    Can't speak to the Grand Canyon helicopter trips. Keep in mind that it can be stormy around that time of year, which may end up in cancellation of any Grand Canyon flights. Flights from Las Vegas do not go to the South Rim area, but to the West Rim, which is a little less spectacular. If you drive to the South Rim, then there are flights there that cover the South Rim and North Rim (closed in the winter) areas.

    You may want to just plan to rent a car to do a South Rim trip. You can see a lot from the pathways along the rim, but be sure to bring your own handicapped parking placard to be able to access the areas closed to all but shuttles and handicapped vehicles. You will need to show it to get an accessibility pass at the park entrance. Free park entrance is only available to USA citizens with disabilities.

    I could not find anything about fully accessible company says they will take you if you have a folding manual chair, but that you must have someone with you to do the transfer...nothing about a lift. These trips are VERY expensive too.

    What days are you there?

    UNLV Basketball is there 12/27 vs. Southern Utah. They usually have a very good team, and the stadium is not far off the strip.

    There is boxing of some type at the MGM Grand on 1/3/15.

    Not sure of what other types of sports events you are interested in. Of course all the casino sports book (betting) areas will be taking bets on, and broadcasting all of the college American football games held from 12/30/14-1/1/15.

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      We have done around 3 tours with Pink Jeep and never had a problem. I think their website is . I am a T6-T7 para and we have done the Hoover Dam and one that took us up to a mountain which I don't think they offer that anymore. There tours are nice because being in a wheelchair they are more personalized and they will go out of their way to make sure you see everything. It has been a few years since we toured with them, but definitely check them out. We did a Grand Canyon tour back in 2000 via helicopter, but I do not remember who we used. It was my husband, my two kids and me and the helicopter ride was pretty awesome. Do you plan to travel with someone who can help you with getting in and out of the vehicle? Also, do you have a folding or ridged chair? I have a TiLite ridged frame so it helped that my husband could dismantle it and put it back together for me.


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        We live here in Vegas and when people come to town i tell them to check the site below. as far as sports we don't have any professional sports outside of boxing and a few professional exhibition league games. I'm from Chicago and I really miss my pro sports, there is plenty to do here let me know if I can do any "leg" work investigating for you before you get here.


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          Thanks for the replies/info guys, I'll check those websites out and see how I get on ��


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            Dedinately go to freemont st as well! Great place
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              One of my girlfriends and I went to the Grand Canyon on our way to Vegas for New Year's 2000. It was so bizarre. It didn't look real. We didn't really do much, just had lunch and walked around a little. If I ever go again I'll definitely get on a helicopter
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                I went to Las Vegas with my close friend/physical therapist from 11/26-11/30. She surprised me with a helicopter ride from McCarran airport to the Grand Canyon and back. She booked it through Sundance helicopter tours. We lucked out; her husband was an exec at JetBlue Airlines so she was able to get two JetBlue ground crew from McCarran to the Sundance property next door so they could help her get me into the helicopter. The people from Sundance didn't get involved with the transfer but they were otherwise very accommodating. She said they were very good to deal with when she was booking a flight too. It was an incredible experience, if you have the means, go for it! Check out
                Dan G. in CT


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                  What package did you do? Did you have the picnic or just the heli tour?


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                    I think she did the Grand Canyon Escape. It also includes a limousine pickup from your hotel to the helicopter but we'd already rented a minivan so we drove instead.
                    Dan G. in CT


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                      Ok thanks. Limos are difficult to get in & out of anyway.