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New York Penn Station for the handicapped - New Jersey Transit trains

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    New York Penn Station for the handicapped - New Jersey Transit trains

    New York Penn Station for the Handicapped.
    For the past four and a half years I commuted via New Jersey Transit trains (specifically the North Coast Line ) to Manhattan. I have an incomplete SCI (C5/C6 with metal fixtures holding vertebrae together) and I was able to make my way to and from a midtown office with the use of a folding walker.
    I'm now back to working on the New Jersey side of the Hudson, so I'll be driving again but I thought I might offer some assistance for anyone who might find themselves having to take NJT into NYC for work or entertainment.

    I will endeavor to provide a guide to getting to and from street level once you have arrived in the bowels of Penn Station.

    Trains from New Jersey arrive with the front facing East pointing to 7th Avenue. So, if you want to be over on that side of the station when you emerge, walk towards the front of the train. If you want to emerge on the Western side, walk towards the rear of the train. There is an east elevator and a west elevator. The east elevators will (mostly) take you to the main floor. The west elevators (mostly) will take you to a sub level - only the elevator for tracks 7/8 on that side goes all the way to the main floor.
    Now, if you can handle an escalator , you're okay on the west side.
    But if you need an elevator to get to street level, you have to get over to the east side.
    Because, while there are two elevators that can take you up to the land of the living, they are both on the east side over by 7th Avenue.
    There's an Amtrak elevator over by 33rd street (north) and a NJT elevator over by the corner of 7th Ave and 31st street (south).

    I attached a little sketch of the east side of the main level of the new Jersey Transit side of NY Penn Station

    If you come in on tracks 1 thru 10, go down to the front of the train. You?ll find an elevator that takes you to the main level.
    Exit the elevator and make a right turn and go as far as you can and then turn left.
    At the end of that hallway make another left and you'll see a big escalator going up to the street.
    Tucked all with way over to the left - past the customer service window is a little elevator. This will take you up to street level.


    You can turn left out of the elevator and walk down by the shoe shine place.
    Cross over to the Krispy Kreme store, go around the line for donuts and you'll see an elevator tucked in next to the little pizza place.
    This will take you up to a closed off street that empties out to 33rd or 31st street depending on which way you go.

    One last wrinkle -

    If you come in on tracks 11 or 12, get on that elevator down by the front of the train.
    When it opens, you will find yourself at the bottom of a ramp.
    Go up the ramp and cross right over to another elevator - this is the same one that opens by the pizza place and Krispy Kreme. When the door opens, if you see donuts, wait, go to the next level and you'll be at street level.

    Good luck. They'll probably find the Cure before they fix Penn Station!
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    This is epic !
    Thank you.


      Bringing this thread back to is it in reverse? I have heard they don't announce what track a departing train will be on until the last moment, as which time there is a mad dash to the train (would be using Amtrak to Philly). How do you make it to the train on time when you have to make the epic elevator journey?