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Transfer from Las Vegas Airport to Bellagio Hotel?

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  • Transfer from Las Vegas Airport to Bellagio Hotel?

    We are considering a vacation in Las Vegas, booked at the Bellagio hotel on the Strip. We would be taking Chad in his manual chair, not his power chair. What are the options for getting him from the airport to the hotel in his chair?
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    Call the hotel and tell them what you need.


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      You just hop an accessible taxi. Go to the taxi stand and tell him that you need an accessible taxi and they'll call one up. You'll love the Bellagio but consider taking his power chair as you'll be doing lots of walking. Return trip to airport is a bit more difficult as taxis don't like the Bellagio as it is hard to get in and out of so contact the bell man at the lobby to order you one a bit early. Have fun and enjoy the conservatory and fountains and buffett etc. Aloha Bruce


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        Let us know how you like it.

        From website:

        What ground transportation assistance is available for visitors with disabilities?

        AT THE AIRPORT - Lift-equipped shuttles and taxis are available with service to any hotel or motel for less than $10.
        A variety of shuttle/limousine services are available at McCarran International Airport and are located on the north and west sides of baggage claim outside door exits 7 - 13. Please note that there are both group shuttles and "for hire" stretch limousine services.

        For more information, please visit the McCarran International Airport website.
        In all cases, shuttles run every 15 to 20 minutes. Call for advance reservations or advise the dispatcher at the booth upon arrival. Some shuttles accommodate one wheelchair; some accommodate two. Call again to schedule your return to the airport.
        TAXI SERVICE - All taxi companies in Las Vegas have lift-equipped vans accommodating one wheelchair. Call from your room, use any dedicated taxi phone or ask the doorman at your hotel for an accessible taxi van. Click here for transportation listings.
        CITY BUS - Our RTC (Regional Transportation Commission) bus service is fully accessible, including buses that are lift-equipped, have low floors and kneel, and accommodate two wheelchairs. Reduced fares are available for seniors and persons with disabilities. Call 1-800-228-3911 or 702-228-7433 for routes, schedules or help in using the system. The "Strip" bus runs 24 hours a day.
        PARATRANSIT - Southern Nevada's Paratransit services are named RTC Paratransit Service. If you are certified to ride paratransit in your home city, bring your certification and you will be allowed to ride up to 21 days without having a Nevada certification. To schedule rides, call 702-228-4800 or TDD 702-676-1834 one to three days in advance.
        PARKING - Bring along your hometown dashboard parking permit from your personal vehicle if you plan to rent a vehicle in Las Vegas. Out-of-state permits are recognized. Temporary disabled parking permits are available through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Contact them in advance for an application at DMV Special Plates, 775-684-4750, in Carson City, or visit A physician's statement will be required. Alternatively, valet parking is available at most hotels.
        PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC - There are several options if you're out and about on the Strip or Downtown.
        TRAMS & THE MONORAIL - The Las Vegas Monorail offers service at seven stations between Sahara Avenue and the MGM Grand on the east side of the Las Vegas Strip. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of trams that connect various properties: between the Mirage and Treasure Island; connecting Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur; and connecting Monte Carlo to Aria Resort, CityCenter, Crystals Shopping Center, Vdara Hotel and Bellagio Resort.
        OVERHEAD WALKWAY - There are several four-corner overhead walkway locations on the Strip. The first set of walkways is located on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip) and Tropicana Avenue, which connects the blocks where the MGM Grand, Tropicana, Excalibur and New York-New York are located. The second set is on the corner of Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Boulevard connecting the blocks where Bally's, Bellagio, Caesars Palace and Bill's Gamblin' Hall are located. The third walkway set is located on Spring Mountain Road and Las Vegas Boulevard, which connects the corners where Treasure Island, the Fashion Show mall, The Venetian and Wynn are located. Some walkways have direct access into the resorts. Escalators and elevators are available at all locations. In addition, there is a direct-connect walkway from the front of Planet Hollywood to CityCenter accessing ARIA, The Cosmopolitan and Crystals shopping center. Also, there is a walkway connecting Veer Towers, Crystals and Mandarin Oriental.
        FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCE - This unique experience was born by closing Fremont Street (Downtown) to vehicular traffic, making it an outdoor pedestrian mall and doming it with the most fantastic light show you'll ever see!


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          Are you getting one of the rooms at the Bellagio that has a ceiling track lift??

          The major shuttle companies (Bell, Grayline, etc.) at the airport have lift-equipped shuttles. Save a little by purchasing a round-trip ticket. Just be sure to call 24 hours before your departure to reserve your return trip to the airport.

          I would also recommend taking the power chair. You can see a lot more, and the distances between the casinos/hotels on the Strip can be deceptively long. Even within the casinos, you are going to find a LOT of carpet and long distances (for example it is always a LONG way from the entrance to the restrooms).

          Las Vegas makes it pretty easy in most ways for those in wheelchairs. They bend over backwards to take your money on an equal basis with the ABs!!

          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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            powerchair 4 sure,


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              I live here in Vegas. Bring your power chair unless you don't want to see the sites. Lot's and lot's to see in huge hotels with plush carpet.

              Ground transportation is no worry at all. Vegas moves people well we have 35 million or so visitors a year and they all need to get around. When you arrive in the airport the west side exits will say limos and buses and the the east side exits will say taxis and passenger pick up. You can easily get a taxi on the east side, they will spot you or get their attention (guy in a yellow vest) and they will call the next available one for you. You can exit the west side and purchase a round trip ticket on the Bell trans bus for to and from the airport but you'll be on their schedule.

              Have fun and feel free to p.m. me if you have any questions.


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                We love Vegas and are planning to go back again in the fall. I am a T-6 para and use a manual chair. We opt to using a taxi, since my husband helps me to get in and out by lifting me. Just make sure when u need transport back to the airport you let someone at the front desk know that you definitely need a wheelchair accessible van. A few years back my daughter and I flew out to Vegas and needed an accessible van and it took awhile to get to the hotel, so give your self plenty of time. I also found out that some taxi drivers although they strap u in have more experience than others so make sure you are comfortable before they leave to drive you to your destination. I have had some white knuckle taxi rides! Have fun and good luck with your trip.


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                  Definately take the power chair. I did vegas a few years ago and loved it. Used my manual but the hotel also had a place to rent the power scooter and i did it couple of days i just took my cushion off my regular chair and put it on the scooter seat. We rented a van since i have no issues transferring and it was so much easier. My father just put the chair in the back and of course drove. We are planning to go back actually in september i think this year.

                  oh also go to Nine Fine Irishmen it is in new your new york, great irish place . Also definately do freemont st. And also best margatitas are at margaritaville
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                    I go to Vegas 2-4 times a year and we have a blast. Accessible Taxi and Shuttles are available. The acessible taxi will be the fastest trip to the hotel. I am T7 and the plush carpet can be tiring but from your avatar picture I suggest him bringing his powerchair. Vegas will be much more enjoyable for the both of you.

                    One suggestion...Eat at Mon Ami Gabbi at Paris. Sit on the patio and you'll have a delicious meal while being abl to watch the Bellagio fountain show and people watch.

                    I love sports! Wheelchair Basketball, Sled Hockey, Mono-Skiing, and Handcycling.


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                      Of the shuttle companies at the airport, BELLTRAN is the only one who consistently has a working accessible shuttle. That's the only one I go to now. There are accessible cabs which will not be as easy to get into or out of for Chad. If you get a sky cap to help with luggage he will get the cab for you.

                      A 3rd choice would be to call Bellagio and set up a pick up.


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                        When i went 3 yrs ago, we stayed at the Venetian. They have a shuttle that goes to a few hotels to and from airport. The Bellagio was on the route. We got dropped off at the venetian but to go back to airport wee had to walk over to Bellagio for the pick up, so you should have no problems. There are also ramp taxis around.
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