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New Trailers for SC Adaptive Sports DVD - Any Opinions or Comments?

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  • New Trailers for SC Adaptive Sports DVD - Any Opinions or Comments?

    Hello fellow SCI and Wheelchair CC Family,

    Some of you may know me, but some of you may not. My name is John Mryczko II and I started and still currently run a nonprofit organization that relates to Adaptive Action, Adventure, & Motor Sports of all kinds that can be done by people with high-level injuries and limited mobility. I am currently working on creating a DVD that features videos and information on over a dozen different sports, and half a dozen different athletes that participate in them who will be sharing their stories. This DVD will be used to help inspire and motivate not only newly injured children, adults, and veterans, but to also inspire and motivate able-bodied people and show them what is possible after an accident or being born with a disability that forces you to use your wheelchair for mobility.

    I or the Super Chairing organization are not looking to profit from this DVD Video, but are only hoping to change peoples perspectives when seeing someone in a wheelchair.
    It will also be used to show people who use wheelchairs that there are many different sports activities that they can get involved in.

    Please take a look at the second trailer that we have created to give you an idea of what the DVD will be about. I would also love to hear opinions on whether this is a good,
    or bad idea? I will be spending close to 100 hours creating this DVD and am hoping my work will be worth it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear some comments whether they are positive or negative. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would also love to hear those too.

    Letting the good times roll,
    John Mryczko II - J2

    SC DVD Trailer #1 -

    SC DVD Trailer #2 -

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    Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to let anyone who is interested in getting a copy of the new Adaptive Sports DVD Package by Super Chairing
    was released last Tuesday 5-6-2014 and can be ordered online at

    Special $5 OFF & Ultimate Package deal for the first 5 CC members to order a copy! Just send us an email or message saying you're part of
    the CC Family and we will send you an Awesome package full of goodies!

    Direct Link to DVD Info at ...