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Hollywood Beach FL Accessible Accommodations?

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    Yep. I was surprised when we cecked out pre-cruise that the manager on duty said the low height was to prevent broken bones from falls. They must of listened some if you got box springs. We had a king size also but it seems Marriott is going to all tempurpedic type mattresses which I've dealt with before but I will be insisting on double box springs if we go back. And the dogs found our old bill. We paid $254 a night for 3 days pre-cruise and the same 2 days post cruise last April during spring break. Being Platinum status with them if you travel a lot is well worth it.

    This past January we spent time in San Juan at the Renaissance La Concha Resort that was really nice too and you might be able to bump down the wide shallow steps into the pool. That was much cheaper like $180 and their beach is not for swimming due to riptides but nice area to lay out or head under the palm trees. Huge bar with real food and music, a sushi bar and 2 main restaurants. This area used to be very high priced in the WW2 to 1960 period and is up and coming again. After this winter Jay booked the same back 2 back cruise next January but we're going to try out the La Concha Marriott about 2 blocks down. There are curb cuts in most of this area so we can head to the Renaissance for they Pearl restaurant one night.

    The Renaissance also had the foam mattress but not way down there. We had a "suite" that is basically a family style living space with fold out sofa, small but real dining height table and fridge, 2 burner, coffee machine then a very nice roll in friendly bath and then basic hotel room with non-beach view. The place hosts upscale weddings but has a huge young crowd at night. So fairly family friendly. We book our hotels separate from our cruises so we get our member bennies and we don't have to stress what a cruise line considers accessible.

    You might think about writing Hollywood Beach to explain the bed issue. I mean you have problems and you're a para, right? I explained our problems as I'm a C6/7 and the spouse has to literally dig me out of that sunken pit. I doubt they get many ultra frail elderly who fall out of bed and break bones. But it is perfectly located so no car rental needed and plenty to do right there.
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