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    You can find all the beach wheelchair locations in CA here:

    You can find information about other aspects of beach wheelchair access in California here:

    I recommend Big Basin if you really want to see some old growth redwoods.

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      Hi again, more questions regarding our SF itinerary. One of the days I would like to head over to the Presidio/Chrissy Field area, and spend some time exploring/photographing. A few of the sites I want to stop at are the Palace of Fine Arts, as well as Fort Point and Baker Beach. Thanks to google maps I see there is quite a distance (without vehicle) between each location, and it does not appear public transportation runs through these sites (maybe I'm wrong). I was initially thinking of using an accessible taxi, but don't know how well that would work between reliability and time waiting for them. We will be renting a van for several days beginning the following day, so I'm wondering if we'd be better off renting an extra day, and driving from our hotel (Grand Hyatt) to the area, and having our own vehicle to travel between points. Thoughts?


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        I would absolutely go for the extra day van rental. Your time is short in the city. You've invested a lot of time planning your trip and money on flights, hotels, and meals. Having your own transportation to accomplish what you want to do (Presidio, Palace of Fine Arts, Fort Point, Baker Beach) in one day is the only way you will make it happen.

        All the best,
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          Thanks! I think renting the extra day will be best also. The cab fares I imagine would begin to add up to near the cost of a day's rental, and be far more convenient. BTW, I stumbled across some info about the Tenderloin District. My goodness, I hope to not find myself in that area!


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            Yes, the Tenderloin is a bit dicey. I'll share a story on myself with you...
            NL and I took our then 10 year old nephew to a performance at the Opera House. After the performance, we wanted to go to dinner in Union Square. We took BART into the city from the East Bay and so we were "on foot." I decided that it might be fun to take another, possibly shorter route and not follow along on Market Street. We got a little disoriented and arrived at a corner with a stop light and we didn't exactly know where we were. Guess we looked really out of place and a bit dazed. A little lady came out of a convenience market and said to us, "You don't really belong here, do you?" We admitted we needed some direction, which she graciously gave us and told us to be care, she said..."after all this is the Tenderloin." All turned out well, but even now, when I think of it, I'm glad I had some good luck that day.

            All the best,


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              LOL My then boyfriend now spouse and I were given a full tour of San Francisco by an old friend of his that was living there as a FBI agent back when we were stationed down at the Presidio of Monterey. He included some of the local color bars in the Tenderloin like the leathers place. Not dangerous normally but not a place for a kid. Plus our guide had to be carrying his service weapon at all times. I much preferred the old fern bars. These were in the newer upscale area near by that had glass roofs and plenty of large indoor plants hence "fern bars". I'm not the only female to leave the city shaking her head at "what a waste". It is one city though where women can get plenty of eye candy.

              Definitely check any and all web sites about visiting the Presidio of SF. Take a camera because on a clear day the views are fantastic. I seem to remember some areas though were closed either to through traffic, buses and taxis or otherwise limited somehow. I mean we've been back there since then so I doubt it is due to the military as I think they all left by 2000.
              Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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                I'm wondering if this service would be worthwhile?

                At this point there will be 2 traveling. We will have one large checked bag, possibly a large patient lift, and 2 carry-on bags. Having our bags delivered to the hotel would certainly help in that one person would not have to juggle all of the bags, freeing us up to possibly taking BART to our hotel. The only issue is waiting 4 hours (or more) for the bags to arrive.


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                  I've tweaked the itinerary a bit, and wanted to get feedback on whether it seems feasible.

                  I believe Wednesday's itinerary will remain about the same (flying in @ 9 am, I expect we may get to the hotel by 11 am, either by accessible taxi or BART). Either walk or take the F-line to the Ferry Market Building, grab a bite for lunch. Depending upon time (we have dinner reservations @ 5:30 pm at Farallon (a block from the hotel, and my travel partner will likely need an hour to get ready, ugh), I would like to visit the Cable Car Museum. Hopefully we can arrange an accessible taxi directly from the Ferry Building area to the Cable Car Museum. If we have any energy after dinner, we will likely just sightsee around Union Square and/or Chinatown.

                  Thursday I have considered some changes. After considering several ideas, I looked into the possibility of the Big Bus Hop-on/off-Tour. They have accessible buses, so I thought this would be a great and convenient way to see the main sights. However, I thought the only stops I would likely get off at would be Alamo Square and Vista Point, and FW. The Lombard Street stops are still a few blocks away from the crooked part. So anyway, that led me to this. Scratch the bus tour. Thursday morning, take the Sausalito Ferry to Sausalito. I want to capture some photographs of Sausalito and of the SF skyline in the distance. Then stroll around town a bit, and grab lunch at Napa Valley Burger Co., then take the blue/Gold Ferry to FW, and sightsee around FW and Pier 39. Perhaps take the F-line back towards Union Square, and get cleaned up for dinner. Then a cab back to Gary Danko's (reservations pending) for a 6:30 dinner. I'd like to then head to Lombard St for some night photographs (by taxi or walking), then taxi back to the hotel.


                  Relatively the same itinerary except adding a stop when we have our rental van to Alamo Square before/after heading to Chrissy Field/Fort Point/Presidio.

                  Does this seem do-able. Are there any glaring oversights? Thanks