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    Is there anything that is a must-do or must-see while in the city? The National Aquarium looks fun. I'll be eating crab cakes galore and checking out the Inner Harbor. I enjoy museums.

    If not Baltimore, is there anything I shouldn't miss in the surrounding areas? I'm contemplating spending the 4th of July in DC and enjoying the fireworks over the Washington Monument, but that may be crazy and busy plus the commute!?! I can catch a great celebration in the Inner Harbor as well.
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    Wonderful aquarium. You can also visit Ft. McHenry (site of the battle that inspired our national anthem) and the baseball stadium nearby is very nice...take in a game if you can. There are a number of ships and sailing vessels available for visiting around the Inner Harbor, but few are wheelchair accessible. You can still wheel around and look at them from the piers though.

    Lots to do in Washington DC...the Smithsonian museums can easily take a week or more. I especially like the newer Museum of the American Indian and the Holocaust Museum. The newly redecorated Jefferson Room at the Library of Congress is a must-see. The major monuments (Jefferson, Lincoln, Vietnam War, WWII) should not be missed, and I also liked the FDR monument. The National Geographic Society building often has very interesting special exhibits.

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      Spy Museum in DC!!!
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        I agree, Aquarium is fantastic in Baltimore, but for 'don't miss' places save a couple of days for Washington, DC. The Metro system was very accessable 15 years ago when I was last down there.

        I went down by train and then used the subway for all other transportation needs. Back then you rode for 1/2 fare if you were disabled and had your medicare card with you for proof. Sure beat fighting with traffic and parking in the city.

        Baltimore has very nice fireworks on Inner Harbor, but large crowds can get violent in both Balt and DC.. IMHO it's best to avoid large ammounts of people that have been combined with large ammounts of alcohol for far too long in any given day. :-)


          Half price metro fares are still available to anyone with a medicare card. Go to the kiosk at metro center, show them your medicare card and buy a disabled smartpass RFID card. You can load the card on the net or at any metro station, works on metrobus as well. All the metro and busses are accessible.

          One DC sight that a lot of people don't know about is that the tower at the National Cathedral is open and free for visitors. On a clear day you can see everything for miles in every direction.

          The Air & Space museum has an annex at Dulles Airport that has one of the shuttles. The Sacker and Freer galleries next to the "castle" are usually not packed with school kids. The zoo is great.

          The DC fireworks are great and are visible from several surprising locations: The USMC memorial in Arlington, the national cathedral, anywhere on the mall, and standing on the potomac bridges. But don't even think about driving - do all your travel on public transit.

          Moe's in Baltimore has the best crab cakes I've ever had. I go to the aquarium any chance I get. The ships just can't be done with a chair, but you shouldn't miss rolling by and ogling.

          It's really worth trying new places to eat. There are so many great small places that eating at a chain is almost a sin.
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            Well, if you like art, don't miss The Baltimore Museum of Art. A short drive up (~3 miles) from the Inner Harbor.


            And if you go, eat at Gertrude's. A very nice restaurant at the museum. Not exactly cheap, but not too high either (lunch around $10-$18. dinner $15 - $30). They also have special menu days with reduced price dinners and wine, and you may need reservations, so call ahead!