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    OK so next week the local Red Bluff roundup (rodeo) is taking place and their seating accessible goes as follows.. In front of the grandstands they have box seats that sell for $27 at the end of these box seats they have taken out a block of these box seats and made it handicapped accessible. This seating area sits about 4 or maybe 5 chairs and there attendants and also sells for $27.00

    HOWEVER the handicap seating is at ground level and so one has to look through the slats in a fence to see the action in the arena. Whereas the people in the box seats like the grandstands are elevated 2 foot higher providing a view over said fence.

    Am I making sense and does anyone think I have a right to bitch? I think if I'm paying the same price as the people in the box seats I should have the same view. The powers that be just shrug their shoulders and there is no other handicapped seating in either the south or north bleachers.
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    From the ADAAG:

    4.33.3* Placement of Wheelchair Locations. Wheelchair areas shall be an integral part of any fixed seating plan and shall be provided so as to provide people with physical disabilities a choice of admission prices and lines of sight comparable to those for members of the general public. They shall adjoin an accessible route that also serves as a means of egress in case of emergency. At least one companion fixed seat shall be provided next to each wheelchair seating area. When the seating capacity exceeds 300, wheelchair spaces shall be provided in more than one location. Readily removable seats may be installed in wheelchair spaces when the spaces are not required to accommodate wheelchair users. Appendix Note

    EXCEPTION: Accessible viewing positions may be clustered for bleachers, balconies, and other areas having sight lines that require slopes of greater than 5 percent. Equivalent accessible viewing positions may be located on levels having accessible egress.
    This applies to new construction, so if the facility predates 1990, you may be out of luck. I'd still make the appeal, though.


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      I hope you enjoy it however the seating works out.