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Know of any Tomco sidecars for sale?

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  • Know of any Tomco sidecars for sale?

    Got this Tomco sidecar off Ebay a few years ago. We tore it down and built it back up so it would attach to the Harley. Been a blast to ride again and know some SCI folks who are and getting their own but those Tomcos are getting hard to find. Not sure how many were made back in the '90s but the guy who made them in Penn has been out of business for years.

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      Hey Zen, That's a good lookin' ride bud.

      It ain't for sale, but here is mine I found on a nationwide Craigslist search. You're right, kinda like antiques, they will get harder to "barn find" pretty quickly I think. I found a few that were absolute junk from being left outdoors for years when I was searching.

      I left mine as is on a Guzzi even though I rode HD's for 26yrs, still a V-Twin.

      Greasy side down my friend.
      "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


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        thanks McDuff we put 2 years of hard work into it now got over 16000 miles and works great just wish this dang rain would stop. That Guzzi looks great. Nice color looks well taken care of.

        Mine came attached to a Honda CM400 top speed 34 mph...

        Worked for the guy who rode it intown in southern california he had MS and passed on so brother sold on ebay. I took off work to make sure I was the last person to enter the bid on ebay. Was a rush when I found out I had won the auction...Enjoy


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          HA, 34mph, that would kill ya. Back "then" they only came with the 400 and the 750 that Honda had for awhile, they were both automatics. Nobody had the solenoid shifters back then.

          16K, damn, that's some ridin' dude. You're dealing with rain, mine is wind, almost a constant gusts 20-30, that's no fun in a trike.

          Happy trails. Heading out this week to camp at the NASCAR races at TMS. Of course we are getting rain, hail and storms wednesday night. crap.
          "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


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            Hmmm, I was looking at your pics again, yours is longer than mine. You have 2 "squares" of frame in front of the sidecar wheel, I only have one.

            I knew they did custom measurements, I guess that is where they did the change.
            "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


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              i think the older sidecars where longer. The guy who designed them think it was Tom Oliver must of discovered they do not need to be as long and heavy as mine was.

              Got family in Mesquite Tx, was down there 7 years ago and didnt go to the race but went up to OK instead. I know, sometimes I do stupid things.


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                My Tomco

                Hey y'all. Here is my Tomco. I bought it brand new from Rick Oliver at Tomco in 2001. The speedo said 210 miles on it. I think it may be one of the last ones he made before selling out to LifeMotorsInc. He said he was working on a Boss Hoss and wasn't going to make any more after that.

                I need new tires BAD and where I live in Arkansas, I don't know of anybody that I trust to work on it. Mainly the alignment of the side car wheel. My side car wheel has a chain and sprocket (for reverse) with chain tension adjustments and the last set of tires I had put on it, they misaligned the tire and the sharpie marks Rick put on the bolt heads have worn off so I don't know how to get the alignment right this time. Anybody know a good mechanic in south Arkansas? I have threads showing

                For what it's worth, I use a car tire on the rear of the bike. It lasts alot longer than the 5000 miles I get out of the mc tires.
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                  Well it's been a year now and I still haven't gotten new tires.


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                    Good looking bikes guys, I love that 6 cyl in the pic above, great looking rigs. I just can't get up the courage to ever ride a street bike again as that's how I got in the chair, a lot of stupid drivers out there. I feel safer driving my Toy in the Avatar, with the top down it feels more like a bike than my regular car. In storage now and last time I drove it a couple months ago I think I may have done in the engine so next fall might be doing a crate motor with the car.
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                      Perhaps not as fast as you want, but.....


                      Use '' to search all of Craigslist. Works great.
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