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Dealing with accessibility on trip to Dallas

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    Dealing with accessibility on trip to Dallas

    Just back from visiting my bro in Dallas.
    It was my first trip alone and visiting family since the injury.
    Didn't like the aisle wheelchair. Felt like a sack of potatoes clumsily pushed into the plane and between the seats.
    Had to stay in a hotel since my brother lives up a flight of steps.
    That was expensive.
    The traffic was noisy along with the staff at night.
    The room had a roll in shower.
    After 3 nights sleeping worse than I usually do, I asked for a room upstairs and away from noise. No roll in shower so I stuck the shower bench into the tub. I put a folded up towel on it for padding. Hard to get onto the little bench so I only showered once while staying in that room.
    Of course the bed was high even in the "accessible" room.
    Also the wall unit with TV was placed too close to the bed.
    I rented a van with hand controls and ramp. Finally, on the last day, I found a switch which makes the van "kneel" when the ramp lowers. Until then it was steep getting in and out. While driving, the ramp made a lot of racket vibrating. It had a lot of miles on it. Not cheap to rent, either.
    But, being mobile was great, of course.
    I ended up driving my brother and his partner around.
    I wasn't used to such a big vehicle. The hand control was different than mine. For gas you push down on it. It was stiff.
    Back in Philly, the person who I thought would drive me home couldn't make it. So I thought I'd do public transportation (with a huge suitcase and a bag). I went on 2 trains, one high speed line, and a bus to get to a
    class I have on Monday nights. So I had to rely on strangers to move my bag. After class a friend drove me home.

    nothing you can do about the aisle chair. if you fly southwest you can get to the first row in your own chair. everything else just requires better planning.