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Carrying a hand gun

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    hands not working well anymore, trigger fingers and jerky but can hold things realatively tightly.

    In my experience the untrained with guns get too close and I carry an automatic knife and using an asian back hand hold can slice all the tendons in the arm/wrist while dflecting any shots fired.

    from a distace by a trained shooter I'm in the shits, if I can touch you, i win. combat tested. surprisingly can still disarm handguns pretty well. I visited a friend's, Qwan 6th degree and he was teaching disarming, differnt than my style so I showed him my method and took his gun, cocked in my chest (duh empty) before he could pull the trigger. would rather have used a knife though. he found my knife skills somewhat brutal and over the top but hey pull a gun and what be nice?

    miss my 1911A though, cocked and locked was the way to go, side holster also had a nice Browning Hi-Power that fit a normal breast holster nicely I'm a big guy so it wasn't too conspicuous. Had a back holster, but was never comfortable with it, carry or draw.

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      Obviously this was written for AB's, but you might find some useful info in this free book on Kindle, The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters.


        Remember that you have one priceless advantage. In a chair, an enemy is going to underestimate you. You can use that by either letting them get close or letting them get distracted.

        You also have an advantage in court, if it comes to that. "The poor granny was defenseless in her home when the big bad wolf burst in. Of course she had no option but to shoot him."

        Courts look more favorably on one of two shooting patterns: empty the gun in a "panic" or just fire a couple of shots, stand off and call EMS, and only fire again if he tries to move. But don't let a wounded target out of your sight to call for help. Better to let him bleed out than to put yourself at risk by turning your back.

        Lasers are not only good for targeting, they are very good for intimidation if you want to keep a wounded target down.
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