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Any Active Travelers in their 20's

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    Any Active Travelers in their 20's

    Hi Guys!

    I just graduated college and use crutches to walk. I'd love to get a group of people that love to travel together.

    I spent six months studying in Rome and just got back from a six week backpacking trip of Europe by myself! I'd love to meet other active physically disabled people that want to see the world!


    I want to see the world but who gomna pay for it


      wonder why he was banned?


        I honestly don't know why I was banned. I only posted here and posted a handcycle for sale. I saw other people try to sell their equipment and they were not banned.

        (Quickie Shark S Handcycle for Sale - CareCure Forums )

        It would have been nice to receive an e-mail from an admin as to why I as banned. Any ideas why or what kind of rule I broke? This was my first week on the forum....I'm just a bit perplexed right now.

        I'd appreciate any help you could offer!


          By mistake, but probably because (like the more than a 1000 spammers we get registering here daily) you have a pretty much blank profile. It pays to complete a profile when the moderators are spending hours daily banning the onslaught of spammer registrants we are getting these days. No way are we sending a message to all the people we are banning either. You are unbanned.

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