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Do you sit in your chair or transfer to a seat at the movie theater?

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    I transfer and often my son sits in my chair. The kids used to fight over who sat be me so it was an easy fix. Now my daughter must sit elsewhere,but my son still does that. Some very confused people when the movie is over and my son jumps out of the wheelchair.

    And captn, where have you been? Tried to track you down when the boy played in knoxville a few weeks ago...
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      I transfer so I can sit next to my fiance. The theater we go to has a section mid level that has 2 or 3 seats together then a open space for chairs so I just put mine next to me.
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        Well I just got back from seeing hunger games with a friend and transferred. I went to the cheap theatre I always go to but was in a different room. The only empty area where you could sit in your chair had these huge metal bars on both sides between the empty area and the seats! I don't want to sit a full foot away from my friend, and definitely wouldn't sit so far from a date. The seats next to it had more than the usual foot room and I was able to just fit my wheelchair in front of me parked sideways. I put my cushion on the seat, and pulled my jay3 back cushion off for lumbar support. It was pretty comfortable.
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          sit in my chair beside of the date, gotta pee often when
          Hey stranger.....I just cath right before the movie and drink less during the movie....


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            And captn, where have you been? Tried to track you down when the boy played in knoxville a few weeks ago...
            Still here...just a lot less time spent on the computer... my number is still the same i'll message ya w/it

            wish I'd have known, probably could have met u guys there...