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Watch this insane advanced paraplegic yoga video

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  • Watch this insane advanced paraplegic yoga video

    Wow, I do adaptive yoga myself, but what this guy does is insane. Have you watched Wheelz04's yoga vids before?

    This 10 minute sequence showing him getting down and dirty on the mat is so cool.

    I would say I am as flexible as him, but I do not have the guts that he has when it comes to twisting your legs all over the place. Yikes! His Warrior pose is SO impressive for someone w/o any leg movement.

    I wonder if he's ever broke a leg doing this yet? I broke my femur 10 years ago doing my own ROM in bed (was too forceful). We SCI'ers need to be exra careful with our bones when it comes to yoga. Always, always.

    Watch WhelzO4's video, plus check out a video from my friend Samantha, a C2 quad, who made a video of her yoga routine too:
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    That guy is definitely flexible ! !


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      Mighty impressive. His legs look so frail that I wince watching him do some of the postures. His agility is assisted by his diminutive size. He writes in the comments section of this YouTube clip that he weighs 88 lbs! He's also an incomplete injury.
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        He is way too skinny at 88lbs. Geesh!
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          He is a little dude. That pose at the 6:00 minute mark is insane.
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