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  • Funding for Sport?

    I'm attempting to set up an adaptive rowing program at the local rowing club, and we're trying to figure out ways to make the membership fee more affordable for potential participants. Ultimately, we want to secure some type of funding or bursary that will subsidize the cost of membership or cover it completely.

    Anyone know of a Canadian (or even American) foundation or program that provides funding for either the individual or the sport in general?


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    Have you tried the Rick Hansen Foundation? Seems like they would be all over that?
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      i am in the same boat. i found the challenged athletes fund but their grant process int open until september
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        i too recommend Challenged Athletes Fund but get your app. in fast.


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          I know that CAF funds individual athletes for sports equipment, but not sure if they give grants for membership or program subsidies, but it would be worth talking to them:

          They are on my annual donation list.

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            I recently spent a day out with a group of women to try adaptive weapons target shooting. We each had a choice of two of archery/crossbow, rifle, trap and handgun. The entire day was free for the participants and volunteers, experts, equipment and lunch were included. It was billed under Becoming Outdoors Women (BOW). I believe some funding came from Title 9 through the University of Wisconsin since the safety briefing was given by a woman from UW-Stevens Point. They are offering up an introduction to hunting during deer season this year. I have no idea if Canada has anything like Title 9. It is a federal program that ensures sports offered to women while they may be different from those offered to men are financially equal. I didn't realize they could stretch this to programs outside of publicly funded school programs.
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              CAF will give training, equiptment and competition grants to individuals-up to $3,000.00. Most of the equiptment grants are done with vouchers (skis, handcycles etc) Applications come out in Sept, Due Dec 1, Grants awarded in April, Very long, tedious process.
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                Achilles International. They sponsor a kayaking program and team here in NYC and they are, in general, always interested in starting new chapters domestically and abroad.
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                  if your local rowing club is designated as a 501c3 non profit the you may be able to do a local fundraiser using their tax exempt status.

                  i play w/c rugby and we do car wash's @ walmart, they match fund's up to $500, and we also set up outside grocerie stores w/permission and take donations and we can easily average $800 per weekend of donations or a car wash one day.

                  let those who donate know where they can come and watch your program.

                  good luck