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    Paras should be allowed to play as a 3.5, if they wear extremely thick oven mits on each hand.


      Originally posted by t8burst View Post
      It is actually really, really hard. I used to juggle as an AB (for a while in a startup I was working at all the geeks were doing it) and was pretty good. Thing is as a T8 I have pretty much no ab muscles and balance is a bit of an issue, so now the challenge is not to juggle but to juggle and not fall over. I do it to train my core sitting on the edge of the bed but every once in a while I end up on the floor... and get to practice my floor to chair skills.
      Yeah, I juggled pre-SCI but never more than 3 things at once, and then they had to be pretty similar in size and weight.

      I bet it would be good balance training post-SCI for paras.


        I've sat in and watched at Craig hospital when the team use to practice there. Omg, they are brutal but very good. They take it very seriously. I noticed most of them had hot chicks too.
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          Here in Dallas we've got a group of people (quad's, para's and ab's) that play after the local team finishes their practice. We get anywhere from 15-20+ people that show up to play and the non profit that puts it on has plenty of chair to go around. Always a fun time and a hell of a good work out.
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            Originally posted by Bke View Post
            Hi Kiran,

            I'll be in Vancouver again at the Canada Cup in June. Maybe we'll see more of each other this time.
            Awesome! I will look for you there. I met Nafi (McLovin) last time as well, but it was far too short of a visit because he was playing. Let's grab a drink this time around.


              Hi Kiran,
              This time I'll be there as a player but there must be time in between games to go for a drink.


                The 2014 Canada Cup begins Thursday June 19 and runs through to the 21st.

                Here's a link to the live web-casts - - check out the archived matches from 2012 finally available to the public.

                For those of you in the United States I hope the link works. Team USA has opted out of this tournament, whether it be a funding issue (not likely) or they are just saving their game-plan strategies for Worlds this summer in Denmark.

                Enjoy some Olympic-level ball! I'm guessing the action will even be more intense, players are getting stronger and the game is getting faster everyday. Watch out for Team Japan with an incredible player that has returned to the game from playing Olympic-level wheelchair basketball, as well Team Australia has yet another high-point player added to their roster for some bench-support for starters Ryley Batt and Chris Bond. Should be some amazing wheelchair rugby being played.