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It's great when bike paths are connected together!!!

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    It's great when bike paths are connected together!!!

    They finally finished the bridge that goes over the highway here in Venice highway 41 and now the bike path along the intercoastal connects to the other path that runs all the way into Sarasota making the path 15 miles long, meaning a 30 miler round trip and lots of nice new scenery. Took this picture tonight, got off to a later than normal start and was getting dark, but really beautiful though.

    This was done down at Cape Cod on the other path I ride called the "Shining Sea" bike path where two were connected together, starting to see this sort of thing more and more. It's great cause it allows more long distance commuters to use these paths for transportation.
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    Looks lovely Curt. Some friends of ours bought a house in Venice last year and are moving down there soon. My sister visited them and said it is a beautiful area.


      I agree about the bike paths. I live near Davis CA which has many interconnected bike paths through green spaces. I wouldn't doubt the best in the world.

      Also near is Sacramento CA where the American River Parkway begins and runs about 25 or 30 miles up the river. The parkway is a bike path (actually a multipurpose path). The only problem is it is mostly on one side of the river so when you use it, you have to return on the same road you were already on.

      Santa Rosa CA and Sonoma County CA are beginning what looks like a good effort at interconnected bike paths.

      My town, Woodland, has a long way to go.

      My dog, Sky, and I like to go wheelchair mushing on the bike paths.
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