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new 'harmonica' styled computer controller

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  • new 'harmonica' styled computer controller


    I use a new computer controller that looks like a harmonica. I use it for music and for drawing and some gaming. Someone with a similar disability might find it useful and I have shared a link from playing wednesday.



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    Where can you get one?


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      hi scott, you can chat with mike at the jamboxx website. newer units are in the works. i'm interested to hear feedback and see if people find it interesting. i enjoy it for music and painting. i'm c4/5 too btw.



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        Great story on the Jamboxx in New Mobility Magazine.

        The Jamboxx is the brainchild of David Whalen, another musician who lived his first 25 years post-injury without the ability to jam with friends. Whalen, 50 and a C4-5 quad from Glenville, N.Y., had a passion with no outlet for far too long. “I had years of wanting to find a way to play music,” he says. “Seven years ago I finally had the idea to harness the computer and digital technology to make a new instrument.” Whalen is quick to point out that inspiration and support also came from Ruud Van Der Wel and the Dutch-based My Breath My Music Foundation, with whom he collaborated on a precursor, The Magic Flute.

        Now that the first 25 Jamboxx units have been vetted by music-makers of all abilities, the company is looking to fund production on a larger scale. “There are people struggling to get back that part of their life, and they think the door is closed — but it’s not,” says Whalen, an unpaid volunteer who just wants to get the device out to other quads. “With the Jamboxx, you can play with good posture, use your breath comfortably — it’s a way to be physically interactive with music without being super-coordinated with your fingers.”