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sadlers alaska race in 2012

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    sadlers alaska race in 2012

    hi there, i am looking for someone who would have done the sadlers alaska race or a similar long distance race.
    i would really like to hear experiences aboutL
    \- how to prepare
    - how to train
    - do i need to modify my handbike?
    - what support team you need during the race
    - how to go about managing bladder etc during the long racing days

    i am (obviously) preparing for next year's race on my handbike (g force r)
    i am a para, t6 complete, active, 39, living in bloody hot dubai,and looking for a bit of fresh air.



    Contact Carlos Moleda, He has done it many time and has a great training program. He's also a T/6 I believe.


      thanks patrick!!


        Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
        Contact Carlos Moleda, He has done it many time and has a great training program. He's also a T/6 I believe.
        He's not a T6 if he's an H3 classified rider?? H3 are T11 and below.

        Carlos just won the Stars and Stripes Jersey in South Carolina as a H3 classified rider.


          I have a friend who did this years ago in race chair. He's a low quad very fast in race chair. He would do 20 miles on his roller several times weeky in addition to other workouts. He said he would not do this race again. In a race chair it is a shoulder wrecker due to hills, frequent rains, unrelenting pace w no time for recovery. Also be very careful about developing a sore. Day after day pressure on butt or elsewhere in bad weather w/o being able to get off it is a potential problem. Be sure to have a great cushion and be well padded wherever your skin makes contact w bike. Train w cushion extensively before race. Consider changes in gearing so that you will be able to climb a wall as I hear some of the hills (mountains?) are similar.


            I know several people that have done this race.

            I heard the race was going to be every other year, so the next one after this year will be 2013. I could be wrong about that though.

            You don't need a support group for the race, Challenged Alaska provides support for the racers.

            As far as training goes, be aware that you will be going 50+ miles each day, and a lot of it is uphill. Seriouslly uphill 9% avg grade for miles.

            For self care, I believe the atheletes are staying in hotels now, so it shouldn't be bad, I know in the past they basically camped out. Everyone had to share the shower...etc.

            Just go on a few long rides per month, and you will figure out what you need to do with taking care of yourself. You want to make sure you train like you race, don't try to do something new on race day.

            If your planning to do a race like this, you should be able to do a 4 hour ride, get off the bike and not feel that bad. Get up the next day and do it again. It really depends on your current level of fitness as to what you need to do to prepare.