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    I am 5'9" and have a 17 inch wide chair. My bucket is 15". I used to skate with my legs out in front of me...but because I have a progressive spinal cord disease, I started to find out that my body could not handle that anymore (my back would spasm). I ended up with putting dump in my sled and shortening it. I love it so much more now. I can get myself up off the ice easier now and I can move a lot quicker than I could before.

    One thing you may want to look into is to get some snowboard bindings put on your bucket. Some come with velcro straps or skinnny bindings. The velcro straps I find do not hold me in tight and I end up on one side of the sled, or the velcro does not hold at all. The skinny bindings tend to dig into you. I get my bindings off old snowboarding equipment. I then have 2 sets and criss-cross them. I am very tight in my sled and I stay centered. Just a thought.
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      Yeah I was wondering about how to get better fitted. I am currently using an adjustable sled. Although is the bucket dump adjustable or do you just shim it with wood or something. Also I like the idea of the bindings because once I fall over I never feel I am sitting correctly in the bucket. I always have to keep re adjusting and centering myself. My organization currently uses these sleds Can you mount binding straps to these sleds or do you have to purchase the custom sled?


        the mobility sports sleds has an optional riser kit but it doesn't look like it'll be adjustable for dump. unique invention sleds do have an optional riser kit that IS adjustable for's a link.

        in regards to the binding sleds, you will just need to drill and use the appropriate mounting hardware. you can either source some used bindings straps (ratchet straps) from snowboards or buy the ones that mobilitysports sells or get it directly from m2 or sportaid.

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          my bucket has an adjustable dump. some do, some don't. i like that mine dud because i was able to play around with it and find the perfect spot.
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