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To Ten Years and Beyond!

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  • To Ten Years and Beyond!

    Incredible photos.

    You all look like a great bunch of people. And also looks like a great hunt.

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    Love it, Chad. You do such good work, help so many get back to the outdoors where some of us feel most at home.

    Tell Jen those photos rock.

    Here's to another ten. **thumbs up**


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      To Ten Years and Beyond!

      How fast a whole year can race by surprises me sometimes when I realize it’s gone, which happened to me the last week in September when our annual teal hunt was only a few days away.

      I didn’t think decades could go by that quickly though. To think it was way back in 2000 already we were putting on our first group together of guys that wanted help getting back in the field. That year, about eight guys came from all over Texas; some came with their wives and sons, some were coming for the first hunt in twenty years, and one young man was a newbie fresh out of rehab.

      In 2010, we had nearly twenty disabled hunters show up, including three wounded soldiers, and we’ve grown from one donated pond to more than ten. At our roast duck dinner on Friday before the hunt, no less than 50 people were there to make sure our tenth year was the best event yet.

      Since a good friend of mine (Jen Armstrong who is an aspiring photog offered to document our event for us, I thought I’d let her work tell our story…

      To be cont'd...


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        Jenny is a wedding & portrait photographer, but i'm trying to turn her into an outdoor one. If you like her work, please let her know. Thx!


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          Nothing says she can't do both.


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            great photo's. nothing in life will ever beat a good lab! for sure. I prefer an ithaca model 37 myself, but i am biased. :-) loved the photo's. makes me want to get back out there myself.