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    Disney/Orlando Question

    I haven't been here in a while and I hope everyone is doing well!

    My husband and I are planning a trip, to take our children to Disney. I know we could stay in one of the Disney hotels, but I have been searching online and I have seen some accessible villas for rent in Orlando. I am wondering if anyone here has ever stayed in one?

    It seems that a lot of them are owned by people in the UK, but I am nervous about being scammed by a fake website for a villa and then they run off with the security deposit and we get down there and have no place to stay. There are many websites that offer villas of different sizes with private pools, some even have a pool lift.

    Anyone have any experience with this or information? I thought it would be nice to stay in a little house instead of a hotel!

    no, i always stay on properties....itll be cheaper your way, especially since u can hit the grocery store and have some meals at ur place....but u will have to drive back and forth to park......... for convienience, the hotles on property cant be beat........stayed at the contemporary last time....closest to magic kingdom, hop on monorail...or even close enough to roll there in ur chair........
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      I don't know much about the villas you are asking about, but just so you know, ALL of the Disney hotels have accessible pools, they all have lifts & some have zero entrance pools w/pvc pool wheelchairs. Right now they have a pretty good deal on rooms w/meal plans included. You save A LOT of money that way....I have the coupon code, but not handy right now...I can get it for you, I've been meaning to get it to someone else for almost 2 months but life's been insane to say the least...I'll try to get it ASAP & post it & the disney link for should save you some won't end up having to pay for parking @ the parks($12/day) and the meal plans are included in your rooms, plus you get other extra bennies for being in a disney hotel...I was never a HUGE disney resort fan before, but after 2 diff friends stayed on this plan in a matter of weeks, I was quite impressed....I'm a SeaWorld gal myself
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        Thanks for the info! I would love that coupon code! I def need to check that out!