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trip to sedona?

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    trip to sedona?

    I got this dream of checking out sedona arizona.
    I live in Washington State and use an electric wheelchair.
    I'm wondering about transportation then having a place
    to stay once I get there. Anybody have sugestions for
    a quad to travel?

    Are you planning to drive or fly into someplace like Phoenix? You can rent an accessible van in Phoenix. Public transportation in the Sedona area is really limited, so having your own vehicle is really necessary. There are a number of resorts, motels, and hotels in the Sedona area, many of which will have accessible accommodations.

    Here are a few resources:

    As always, for hotels or motels, you need to speak directly to the manager about availability of the specific accessible features you need in a room.

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      I haven't been there since I've been hurt but it really is a beautiful place to go. I'm not much of a spiritual person but it can be very spiritual if you find the right places. I don't know about hotels put to drive up there from Phoenix is absolutely beautiful.
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