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What to do in Houston?

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    What to do in Houston?

    I am just going for a two days.. At nights, i would like to go to a nice restaurant and bars? Any suggestions, also what to do during day..

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    What kind of food do you like? My family's favorite was always Pappasito's, it's Tex-Mex. It rocks. If I was coming from Seattle to Houston it would be Mexican food every night, I'm sure you get all the Asian you need up there.

    Houston has a great zoo if it's not too hot. In that same neighborhood is the art museum, it's a good one imo. And the Museum of Natural Science I love too.

    NASA is down in Clear Lake-I think everybody should see it.

    If you go to the museum district, you'll see a big fountain in the roundabout at Binz and Bissonett. That's where I broke my stupid neck. Just north of there is the downtown w/ all the overpriced bars. I'd go to an icehouse instead.

    Houston is pretty accessible. What part of town are you staying in?
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          go to the rice village. good restaurants & bars there. also some good bars & eateries along kirby dr. south of hwy 59.

          in sugar land in the town center are some good bars and great mex place called escalante. plenty of good restaurants and it's a great place to hang out on the sidewalk and eat, drink & be merry!