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so Delta lost a dog.

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    so Delta lost a dog.

    Luggage is one thing, but a dog??

    Can't say I have any desire to give them any business... I can't imagine what I'd do if an airline lost my dog.

    OMG! What an awful story, Scott! That's so sad. I hope this dog turns up alive and well. He didn't just disappear.


      The airlines may have, at one time or another, lost and misrouted a number of my belongings. However, they should NEVER lose an animal of mine.

      How does an airline lose an animal? The little creatures are in properly marked crates and containers (unless inside the cabin with passengers) so it is no surprise a living, breathing, loved being exists within the container.

      You have to TRY to lose a dog.

      I only fly Delta when there is no other choice. This is reason # 5,694,780 to choose another air carrier.


        why say "entire dog lost" ? they normally only lose "part" of the dog ?


          I don't fly Delta.period.

          The couple of times that I have, it has always been a headache to get my luggage and the service has been horrible. Their service can't compete with some of the others either.

          I hope they find the dog. The poor thing was beginning to have a good life with people who would love it.

          I love my animals and just animals in general.

          I hope Delta is not allowed to just dismiss this like a lost piece of luggage. My animals are my children and take second only to my daughter.
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