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    Krip hop nation

    A documentary, music video movie to respect Leroy Moore and his work

    Back when Hip Hop first started, radio, television and locals refused to play it. But soon after many determined aspiring artist started doing underground shows, radio and started selling hundreds of thousands of records themselves, the industry took notice. Leroy Moore finds himself in the same situation 3 decades later. Now the same thing is happening to disable artist. Leroy leads a world challenged artist into a Krip Hop Nation.

    Hello aspiring disable artist, I am looking to collaborate with anyone from, photography, poetry, modeling, drawing and whatever you're not letting disability stop. To make a 1 long video showing off your talents, organizations, products you're selling, whatever. I need you to send me any videos, songs, pictures of your work , that I can include in the production. I'm doing this because after hearing similar stories how it's difficult for us to break into the industry, I wanted to make a video about what we can do despite our disabilities. So gather up your videos and send me some videos, images or songs. Email me for details of sending if you need help. March 1 is the deadline for receiving your work so please tell your other comrades to be part of this projects.

    I'm creating this video collaboration ,to thank Leroy for all he's doing with Krip Hop.

    I haven't fully script it out but I am brainstorming a plot where I continue the inner battles I have within me. I came up with doing a video to express my anger, my strength to accept and my balance. 3 characters inside me. Before I wasProfessir X, I was DJ Hung Gar. In 2003 I decided to call myself Professir X. He is the ego that accepts paralysis and it's mission, Then I wrote a song that was about the conflict feelings between Hung and theProfessir, Richard being the man, that will decide who to listen too.

    Watch this video, The story goes like this, DJ Hung Gar is on an intimate vacation with his wife, when he falls asleep he dreams of this conflict inside him. Hung Gar has on dragon blue shirt, Richard ,brown shirt and X, black shirt. They conflict. Hung Gar is the upset emotion, the ego that wants to walk and have sex all the time like before he got shot,Professir X is the ego that accepts paralysis and what life has to be for Richard. As they go through their conflict, at the end Richard decides to give theProfessir the power. March and see if you can follow.

    This video was made prior to Christopher Reeve passing on, My next song 1 year later would be Forever Superman. The reality outside of my expression through music which is part fantasy, part reality, it is true to me. I had no idea I would become an advocate for paralysis. But after meeting Dana, Wise, Bethany, Sue, Kathy and Joe, I found my purpose. SinceApril 12, 2005, my life has been, good, bad, painful, operations, weaker, bla, bla bla. As Professir X, I have experience so many things but I'm feeling tired, like I'm ready to retire. To move from these painful winter in New Jersey to the beaches of Miami, Florida and just deal with my health. That conflict has awaken the Hung Gar in my to take this body back and complete Richard's mission. Unity.

    Krip Hop Nation is part 2 to this Trilogy to unite the soul. Professir X , somewhat the humble guy knows it's going to be even difficult to go against big time industry and doesn't want to deal with rejections without expression, so he gives up. So Richard calls on Hung Gar to come up with a plan to continueSCI awareness. Hung Gar draft himself as a soldier for Leroy Moore and seek comrade to form a Krip Hop Nation that is made up of people with life challenges supporting each other.


      The project I'm doing is like this. I'm looking for no specific genre of artist. I looking to make a short film that has as much content in it created for or by people with disabilities. Talents and expressions of thoes with disabilities. Fore example, you see a scene with someone in an office, there's a cup with a care cure logo on it, then you see a picture on the wall ,cropped is a photo someone with a disability took, you may hear a song, or a score, it's a song by a disable singer or any genre and then someone is eating a cake , backed by someone with a disability. Are you following me. This project is to bring our worlds together, so don't thinks you have to produce a song and video, I want from the basic to the colossal.