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    Hi Guys-

    I'm currently working on independent study project that is focused on the restorative effects of nature. I was wondering if anyone here would mind providing me a testimonial or instance that you have felt that time spent outdoors or in a garden ect. has improved your mood?

    Personally, I've always felt that a simple walk or now roll in a local sanctuary helps to clear my mind and relieve stress. With the additional complexities of a disability -- I feel that the healing effects of nature are even more important. There's plenty of research that supports this, but I'm looking to interweave some personal sentiments to append empirical studies. Any thoughts?

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    Where I was in rehab (SCVMC in San Jose, CA) we had an accessible courtyard with trees, plants, rocks and open sky -

    I could roll out and quietly meditate, do OT / PT exercises, read and be at peace. This really saved my sanity .. I spent a lot of time recreating outdoors before my injury.


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      Rhyang, looks familiar .I remember the courtyard from my stay in '92. Nature has always been my grounding point. My realization of how insignificant we are in the big scheme of things. Not depressing though. Makes me enjoy every minute we are fortunate to experience here.


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        i spend a good amount of time outside, especially if it gets too chaotic in the house. i was always outside before i got hurt. i spent a lot of time walking around in the woods and hanging out at the cabin we had upstate with four wheeling, berry picking, and bike rides. basically my whole life revolved around the seclusion of the woods and i love it.

        i stayed at shriners children's hospital for a good bit in philly and it was horrible because i couldn't sleep well at all. it was too loud and bright. i had these lights that would point into my room off of this roof top and it wasn't even pointing at anything! no sign, nothing. it's like they were on just to piss me off, and that's exactly what happened. i missed the quiet and i felt very uncentered. plus, my bathroom stuff kept getting fiddled with so that really got on my nerves too. i was miserable and not myself, so basically i was on bitch mode all the time. thank god i got to go home on the weekends!
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          Thanks guys. If I quote some of your words I'll surely let you know. Also -- if anyone's interested I'll post my independent study paper. There's a fair amount of research out there about eco-therapy and the simple fact of how hanging out with a bunch of trees and rocks is restorative to both mind and body.

          It's partially sad that we (as a society) even need to do scientific studies that say that you can elevate your mood through outdoor exposure. There's also a fair amount of research that states that indoor activity and urban environments reduce one's mood and can create depression.

          Reba-I hear you. Nature is a grounding point for me as well. I'm not sure if it's because my pre-sci life was spent in the search of waves, mountains and forests- or maybe it's intrinsic.??

          Cali- architects really need to get on the ball and begin to design hospitals and healing rooms that are designed to actually create quiescence to allow healing. Halogen lights tic, beeping monitors, ect. tic me off as well.