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  • Pontoon

    I have been on pontoons and have had no problems getting on them. I was wondering if anyone on here has devised a system to get into and out of the water while on the lake. I did it the hard way once. I actually flipped over the rail. It wasnt on purpose but I did get wet. I was thinking about somehow mounting one of the hoyer pool lifts on the pontoon but all I have done son far is think about it. I know someone here has licked this problem.

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    My nephew has a lift that he and my brother devised. It is a piece of pipe welded to a plate, which is in turn bolted to the floor of the boat. Another pipe of a slightly smaller diameter, is inserted into the first. It's length is determined by how high you want it to be. Another piece is welded and braced to the second, near the top. They then bolted two pulley wheels in the appropriate locations and bolted a winch from an ATV. What they ended up with was a hoist capable of lifting someone out of the water and swinging them onto the boat and into their chair,, and the whole thing cost them less than $100 ,,, not counting the battery.


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      I have no experience with this product,but searching for ways to get on the water
      I came across this. This should work well from the shore or a boat ramp.


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        Thanks for the replies. I think I like the winch idea. It sounds simple enough.