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  • Patio boat question

    What do you guys do that have patio boats and want to get into the water and swim? How do you get in and out of the water just wondering because my parents have a patio boat? Is there a lift you can buy for them?

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    Hey Jeremy,
    I have a small pontoon boat as well and we love hitting the water every week or so in florida, I added a ramp to mine it was around 600 bucks and easy to install,, what you can do is pull up to a hard bank and get off the boat to get into the water just get a chair that you can get wet and roll off the bank.Or you might be able to rig up a hoyer lift but the problem i see with that is if another boat goes by you can get swung around pretty easy.
    I found mine on ebay do a search for pontoon boat ramp..the company is H2O ramps i think..
    T-10 ,,1980,,